Infrared sauna

Wat doet infraroodstraling?

Infrared radiation penetrates the upper skin layer without heating the skin. The effect is deep heat, which is absorbed by the body. Blood circulation is increasing and the skin is bleeding better. Blood vessels in the underlying adipose tissue absorb the depth of heat, become wider and in this way ensure a better circulation of the adipose tissue. The fatty acids stored in the fat cells are dissolved and disappear from the body along the lymph system. In short, all kinds of waste products leave the body. The heartbeat increases slightly, resulting in a passive fitness training. Similar as warming up, preventing sports injuries.

Lichamelijke voordelen van infrarood sauna

Infrared heat can help break down cellulite. Cellulite consists mainly of fat and water. An infrared sauna can reduce cellulite because the heat penetration of infrared saunas goes deeper than that of traditional saunas and gives up to ten times the level of heat in the tissue. This makes an infrared sauna significantly more effective in reducing cellulite than a traditional sauna.

Geen koude douche nodig

Because the infrared cabin is not a hot sauna, you do not have to cool down with cold water. This would only negate the positive effect of the infrared. A lukewarm / warm shower is sufficient!